Sunday, June 21, 2015

Princess and the Goblin

Princess and the Goblin *****
by George MacDonald

Princess and the Goblin is a good story about a princess, a boy Curdie and a beautiful grandmother. In the middle of the story, the goblins who live underground have an idea to flood the miners who work underground. The princess' brave friend Curdie, who is a miner boy, goes and spies on the goblins.  
Theme: Friendship
Positive Elements: The characters are very brave.
Negative Elements: There is not enough action.
My favorite part was when he spied on the goblins because he sang funny songs about them. However, I thought parts of the story were boring because it had a lot of big words.In conclusion, I don't recommend it because the vocabulary is hard.     
By: Summer Staples, age 9