Monday, June 22, 2015

Wheel on the School

Wheel on the School  *****
by Meindert DeJong

Overview: This is a delightful story about a Dutch seaside town with no storks nesting there and some school children who want to bring storks to town. The book follows the adventures of each of the children in the small town. This quest to get storks ends up bringing the whole town together.
Themes: friendship, community, restoration, courage, teamwork
Positive elements: This book shows the amazing power of working together, especially what can be learned when the young and old work together as a community. The young find friendship with the elderly, and the elderly find new life and purpose. The characters learn about hard work and what courage is.
Negative elements: The beginning of the book is slow so don't give up.
Conclusion: A wonderful family read-aloud book! It is sweet, touching, funny, and full of great characters who you really get to know. 5 stars.

By Leeann Staples