Saturday, August 15, 2015

The White Mountains

The White Mountains  *****
by John Christopher

Overview: The world has been taken over by huge, metal tripods. They control the humans by implanting metal "caps" on their heads. A few humans have resisted. This is the story of three middle school aged boys who try to escape the tripods before they are "capped."
Themes: friendship, freedom, adventure
Positive elements: The story does a great exploring what it means to be a friend and how hard a threesome of friends can be. The boys also realize what a prize freedom is. Freedom is greater than a comfortable life with easy living.
Negative elements: The story has a lot of holes surrounding the tripods. We never understand the tripods, and they do things it seems they shouldn't. The story read like it was too hastily put together and not thought out. However, the author says in his Preface (at the beginning of the book) that the tripods are supposed to be mysterious.   
Conclusion: I loved how the three boys interacted throughout the story. The author did such a great job capturing what it would have been like to be on such an adventure. The story was quickly paced and kept me wanting to read. However, I gave the book three stars because the ending was so disappointing. He just ended the book at the peak of the suspense. It felt like he got tired of writing, but the book wasn't even very long!