Saturday, January 23, 2016

Raising Uncommon Kids

Raising Uncommon Kids ****
by Sami Cone

Overview: Rather than write a book about how to raise selfless kids, Sami Cone writes to the parents that they must first let God work in their lives. If we want selfless, uncommon kids, then we must be selfless, uncommon parents. She talks about the fruits of the spirit in relation to different areas of our lives. For example, she talks about living out love in our homes, about having kindness toward our neighbors, and compassion for the world around us. Each of the 12 traits also focus on an area of our lives...home, neighbors, school, city, world, etc.
Themes: Christian living, parenting
Positive elements: I loved the organization of the book, and the practical ideas for implementing these character traits in the home. Each section also had a "Mentor Moment," which was a story and advice from an older, wiser woman.

Negative elements: none
Conclusion: I would recommend this book for moms who are looking to be encouraged in their mothering and in their own personal spiritual walk. Sami Cone makes it clear that God is the one who works to change our kids' hearts; however, she does offer practical and Biblical advice to help you point your kids to Jesus. And to remind us mothers that we must ask God to be first changing our hearts and making us selfless.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.