Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sacred Influence

Sacred Influence *****
by Gary Thomas

Overview: Gary Thomas wrote this book for women to show them how God can use wives to greatly influence their husbands. I really enjoyed the chapter on what it means to be a helper to your husband. I also enjoyed the chapter on how men function so differently from women. So often I get frustrated with my husband because he isn't acting like a woman! The last few chapters are devoted to specific troubles a woman may be having with her husband such as a workaholic or angry husband.
Themes: marriage
Positive elements: well-written, Biblically based
Negative: The book is a little slow to get going...the first few chapters I just skimmed.
Conclusion: I would recommend this book to any married woman. Even if you feel like you have a pretty good marriage, this book will still encourage you to purse Christ and love your husband better. If your marriage is in a hard place, it will hopefully encourage you. I only wish I'd read something like this when I was first married. There are also questions in the back so you could go through this with a friend or in a Bible study.