Sunday, February 21, 2016

Treasure Island

Treasure Island      *****
By Robert Louis Stevenson 

Overview: Treasure Island was one of my favorite books I've ever read! It had action all through the book. It had some very scary was blind. The captain had been having strokes, and Ben, a boy, had just had his father die. He and his mother were scared to death when the blind man came in the inn that Ben's mom owned. The blind man wanted to see the captain upstairs. The blind man handed the captain a black dot. The Captain was overjoyed that he had time to escape something. The Captain jumped up then fell to the ground holding his throat; he had had another stroke! Ben found out the blind man wanted the map to the island where the treasure was buried. But Ben had already taken it out of the Captain's treasure box after Ben found out the Captain had a key.  Ben and the new Captain and crew sail into the deep blue ocean with other adventures I'll let you find out about.
Theme: Adventure
Positive Elements: Action, adventure, and some great illustrations.
Negative Elements: Killing, stealing, and a couple creepy pictures.  
Conclusion: I thought this book was so great with so much action! I think seven to thirteen year olds would like it. This is a Illustrated Classic, so there are bigger Treasure Islands that older kids could read. I read it in a night and half. I think it's worth five stars! So I'll let you see who's the new Captain, what they're after, and why...

By: Summer Staples, 9