Thursday, March 31, 2016

Cries from the Cross

Cries from the Cross  *****
by Erwin Lutzer

Overview: Lutzer takes the reader on an in depth look at Jesus' last words on the cross.  Lutzer says in the book's introduction, "To stand at the foot of the cross is to witness the purpose for which God created the world. Here we see the attributes of God on display; and if we look carefully, we will see ourselves, with all of our needs, sins, and self-deceptions. Thankfully, it is at the cross that God chose to remove His wrath from those who would humbly trust Christ as their sin-bearer."

Positive elements: Lutzer is an amazing writer. He makes difficult truths and deep theological ideas so clear and easy to understand.

Negative elements: My only complaint is that I wish the book was longer. I appreciate that he is to the point and doesn't just fill up pages of a book. But I could go on and hear more of what he has to say!

Conclusion: I read this book the week before Easter and what perfect timing that was! I have never gone through Jesus' last words one by one and really thought about them before. However, this isn't just a theological book about the degree of the suffering of Jesus on the cross. Jesus' suffering has everything to do with me today, and my attitude towards embracing suffering. Near the end of the book, Lutzer quotes Bonhoeffer, "Christianity is a religion of suffering; a man throws himself into the arms of God and awakes in Gethsemane. We must leave our cherished dreams at the feet of our crucified Savior."

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.