Tuesday, April 5, 2016

the Cay

 The Cay       *****
  By Theodore Taylor 

Overview: The Cay is a great book about a boy named Phillip, who falls off a boat called the Hato when it's torpedoed by a German submarine. Timothy, a black man, rescues Phillip when he falls off the boat. They float on a raft to a small island in the Devil's Mouth. Phillip hates Timothy at first because he thinks he's an ugly black man. His mother always told him stay away from black people. Timothy always says, "That be true young bass, that be true." He is use to calling white people "boss." Phillip and Timothy are stranded on this island, trying their best to survive. Then Phillip goes blind! Phillip thinks he's worthless, but Timothy tells him he can still do a lot. Timothy teaches Phillip to weave mats for beds. Timothy helps Phillip survive during many hard long months. Timothy and Phillip start to run out of food! Timothy is too old to climb a tree and pick the coconuts that dangle on the palm trees above their heads. So he tells blind Phillip to climb up the tree and get a coconut. So Phillip climes the tree and gets the coconut. They start to become very good friends. Timothy starts preparing a palm tree to hold to if a hurricane comes. And sure enough a hurricane comes, and they run and tie themselves to a tree. Timothy ties himself on top of Phillip so Phillip won't get hurt. When hurricane is done, Phillip unties himself from Timothy. Phillip realizes that Timothy is bleeding and that Timothy saved his life! Phillip is trying to survive on this island, and is trying all kinds of things to get the aircraft to notice him. So you'll find out how Phillip survives. 

Positive Elements: Phillip realizes that black people are the same. Phillip realizes that he can do a lot of things when he's blind.

Negative Elements: Someone Dies.

Theme: Friendship, working together, and respect

Conclusion: I think this one best books I've ever read! I think you should read it.

by Summer Staples, 9