Saturday, May 21, 2016

They Were Christians

They Were Christians *****
by Cristobal Krusen

This is a collection of mini biographies of eleven men and a woman who were influential around the world. The stories are very well-written and easy to read in a sitting. I really enjoyed how he prefaced and concluded each person's story with how that man or woman influenced him personally. I also enjoyed the selection of people. Many of them I didn't know about previously, and they were from different time periods and different countries.

I did find the book a bit confusing in a couple of ways. First, I thought the author was going to show how these people influenced his faith journey. He talked about researching and practicing different faiths until he read the Bible and came to know Jesus. However, the book didn't seem to be organized in any particular way. The other thing I found a bit confusing about the book was that one of the men he wrote about wasn't even a Christian. I think the book's title maybe a bit misleading saying "They Were Christians." He should have just stuck with the subtitle, "The Inspiring Faith of Men and Women who Changed the World." And even with that title, he only writes about one woman.

Still, I enjoyed the book and am planning to reread it to my girls a little at a time. I hope the short stories spark some interest for them to learn more about some of these amazing people in our past.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.