Friday, June 10, 2016

Shadows on Society Hill

Shadows on Society Hill

By Evelyn Coleman

Overview: This is an American Girl Addy story. In this story, Addy's family is finally back together in Philadelphia. When Addy is going to work with her dad, she hears the noise of a carriage going super fast. Then she noticed a man on a ladder fixing windows. Addy yells, "Poppa, Help!" Her Poppa is up on the a ladder working, so she runs over and knocks the man off the ladder so the carriage doesn't kill him. After he gets up, he decides to hire Addy's father because Addy saved his life. And he gave Addy's family a place to stay. The next day Addy got the news that they where moving to Mr. Raddison's house. (Mr. Raddison is the man Addy saved.) He was clearing out his house because he was getting married. That night as Addy's family is walking to Mr. Raddison's house, the police stops them. He asks them if they stole the only belongings they had. They finally made it to the house and settled in. Then after a couple nights, things start to go missing. And Mr. Raddison starts accusing them of stealing. And finally she catches the women with a lemon, jar, stick, and a piece of paper. The next morning she sees her shawl in the snow. She opens the shawl, and as she expected everything was there. But there was one word in black ink she never thought to see. The word ADDY. Addy was very scared. Then Addy gets a riddle from her, and she finds her hiding spot. Then she starts visiting her. She even finds out that the old woman is a good spy.Then one day Mrs. Elisabeth invites Addy over to give her, her favorite dress. When Mrs. Elisabeth asks her where she got the necklace. Addy tells her she got it from her brother. Then Mrs. Elisabeth makes her leave. Then a big problem starts which you'll find out when you read it. And it turns out that Addy solves the mystery with the old women, Mrs. Tucker. And she finds out Mrs. Elisabeth accused Addy of stealing so she wouldn't find out who she was. Because Mrs. Elisabeth was black, and she was Addy's Uncle's niece. While all this is happening Addy's sister almost dies, but Mrs. Tucker saves her. At the end Addy's family gets to keep the house. And her Poppa gets to keep his job.

Negative Elements: Her sister almost dies. And it's a little intense like when Addy's trying to see if Mrs. Tucker is good or bad. 

Positive Elements: Friendship, Family, and Love.

Conclusion: This was a great mystery book. One of the best books I've read in a while. I really enjoyed it. The only tip I have is to never read it at night! Enjoy the story of Shadows on Society Hill!

By Summer Staples, 10