Friday, July 29, 2016

Next Door as it is in Heaven

Next Door as it is in Heaven *****
by Lance Ford and Brad Brisco

Overview: How can you encourage your neighborhood to unite and operate as one big, extended family? This book begins by showing how communities have changed over the years and how we have become an independent culture. We aren't as attached to our families and even less to our neighbors. This book is challenging people to slow down their busy lives so that they have time to get to know their neighbors. We are missing out when we let our busy lives isolate us. 

I loved this quote on page 98.
"Fear is a thief. It will steal our peace of mind...But is also hijacks relationships, keeping us sealed up in our plastic world with a fragile sense of security. Being a people who fear the stranger, we have drained the life juices out of hospitality. The hospitality we explore not about sipping tea and making bland talk with people who live next door or work with you. Hospitality is a lively, courageous, and convivial way of living that challenges our compulsion to either turn away or to turn inward and disconnect ourselves from others." 

Themes: community, service, outreach

Positive elements: Well-written and inspiring

Negative elements: Maybe a bit long.  

Conclusion: We've held one neighborhood breakfast so far with great results. This book encouraged me to keep on being bold and invite people over. I want to get to know these interesting folks, learn from them, and serve them somehow.
I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.