Tuesday, September 20, 2016

When Love Arrives

When Love Arrives *****
by Johnnie Alexander

Overview: Plain, normal Dani is stalking the rich and handsome Brett Somers. He sees her taking pictures and goes to talk with her, not knowing she was taking pictures of  him. He lays on the charm and convinces her to go on a date that very evening. The unusual pair begin to fall in love. Dani battles overcoming her past misconceptions of Brett, and Brett battles overcoming the sins and hurts of his past. They both have secrets they are hiding which keep pushing them apart.

Themes: redemption and a new chance for love

Positive elements: easy to read

Negative elements: characters' past pre-marital sex mentioned, broken families mentioned, deaths from the past mentioned

Conclusion:  I have pretty much given up reading Christian fiction romances because they are so boring and predictable. I decided to try this one because the author's other books had such great reviews on Amazon. However, I am still rather disappointed. The story was so confusing with all the different charcters being somehow related or having dated each other in the past. By the end of the book, I was still trying to put it all together. Also, I felt like the main struggle Dani had against Brett was unbelievable. I just couldn't feel her pain. I thought the author did a better job with the character of Brett. However, the author spends too much time "telling" us how Brett is falling in love with Dani against his wishes rather than showing that development of his feelings through the story.

I know there is a large market for clean, feel good romances, despite if they lack depth. I would recommend this book for people who enjoy those kind of stories.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.