Monday, October 10, 2016

He Knows Your Name

He Knows Your Name: How One Abandoned Baby Inspired Me to Say Yes to God *****
by Linda Znachko

Overview: Linda saw a news report one night of a dead baby found in a dumpster. Instead of feeling sad and then putting it out of her mind, she took action. She called the coroner to find out if someone was going to bury the baby. That first step led to many others. And now she has helped fund countless burials for infants through adults. And through this journey of helping people in their grief, she has found healing in her own personal grief.

Negative elements: Some sad and brutal stories of children's deaths but nothing is graphic.

Positive elements: Well-written, wonderful story of what a difference one, normal woman can make.

Conclusion: This was a short, quick read, and I would recommend it to anyone. I'll admit that at first I wondered, is it worth such a huge fuss and expense to bury an unknown baby? But I quickly realized what healing comes through the truth that God does know our names. There are no unknown and forgotten babies to God. And I was amazed to read about how many lives one baby's funeral can touch.

Linda concludes the book by asking each of us to walk with courage the path God has for simply obey one day at a time and see what God will do. Very encouraging and inspiring!