Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Humble Roots

Humble Roots *****
by Hannah Anderson

Overview: Hannah Anderson finds herself worn down and unable to sleep well because she is worrying about her kids, the laundry, her job, etc. She begins a journey of discovering what it means to daily surrender her life to Jesus in humility. She can find rest in the fact that He is God, and she is not.

Each chapter has a sketch of a different native plant of her hometown in Virginia, and those plants are a part of the story of each chapter.

Positive elements: Well-written, short and to the point, insightful, full of scripture and great quotes

Negative elements: None

Conclusion: This is not a self-help book on how to have peace and rest in the midst of our busy lives. This is a book about humility. I was reminded of the truth that my pride can sneak in so quickly and leave me consumed with myself and my narrow view of the world...the opposite of having trust and peace in a loving God who created this whole world and is in control.

Anderson sums up the book at the end saying, "But this rest comes only by humility. This rest only comes by acknowledging our weakness. This rest only comes by submitting ourselves to Him. For when you do, when you finally come to Him--you who labor and are heavy laden--you can be confident that He will welcome you."

I love gardening so I also loved all the stories about plants and how she used those stories to teach spiritual truths.

I read this book in one evening, but I will continue, day by day, to pray and ask Jesus to give me humility and His peace.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.