Sunday, October 2, 2016

Lizzy and Jane

Lizzy and Jane *****
by Katherine Reay

Overview: Sisters Lizzy and Jane have been estranged for years after the death of their mother. Now Jane has breast cancer and Lizzy, a chef, has returned home from the big city to help care for her and cook for her.
Will they be able to forgive each other? Will they find wholeness in their family and lives again?

Themes: forgiveness, new beginnings, family, loss, love, cancer, food, Jane Austen

Positive elements: The book is so well-written and clean. The characters are very believable and you care about them. So much delicious food is cooked!

Negative elements: The book deals with some heavy themes around cancer. However, nothing is graphic and the loss and pain aren't the driving emotions of the book. 

Conclusion: I haven't read a fiction book I so enjoyed for awhile. The book has such a strong message of family and forgiveness. There is a love story woven throughout and the healing power of food and fellowship is clearly portrayed.  

The author talks about Jane Austen in all of her books. However, it isn't so prevailing that you'll miss what's happening if you aren't an Austen fan. The book has a few references to prayer but doesn't have a strong spiritual focus.