Monday, October 31, 2016

Nothing to Prove

Nothing to Prove *****
by Jennie Allen

Overview: Jennie shares her personal struggle with feeling inadequate, burdened down with life, and always striving to please God. Someone reminded her one day that "God doesn't need you. He loves you." This is her story of coming out from under her self-inflicted perfectionism for God and journeying into freedom.

The first three chapters she calls "Our Desert of Striving." Then the rest of the book she calls "God's Streams of Enoughness." At the end of each chapter, in that second section of the book, she has questions for reflection. She also has re-told a Bible story in her own words and from a different perspective. 

Positive elemen
ts: I like her personal, honest style. I also liked the bold sentences through out the book. You could skim and read the bold statements and get an idea of her main points.

Negative elements: Some of the content seemed repeated from things I've heard Jennie speak or write about in the past. I think it's just because blogs many times get worked into books, which is fine.

Conclusion: I have participated in all of Jennie's IF:Gatherings over the past three years. I really respect Jennie Allen and her approach to ministry. I really enjoyed her first book Anything. It was her profound story of God's working in her life. This book didn't have any profound insights for me, but it was full of good reminders. I liked this quote: "We do not change the world with might and power and creative strategies. We watch God change the world when we pray and abide and believe." So true!

I received an advance copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review.