Monday, November 7, 2016


Hatchet *****
By Gary Paulsen

Overview: This was a great story about a boy who crashed in a plane with the pilot on his way to his mom's house. His dad gives him a hatchet before he leaves, luckily. The pilot has a heart attack so he dies. The plane falls in a small lake, and the boy Brian luckily survives. He has to survive in the wilderness for a few months. A pilot rescues him after a few months. The pilot takes him back to his mom. Brian has to survive with his hatchet. He knows there is food and sleeping bags in the plane. But he doesn't want to go inside the plane with a dead pilot. Finally, he does go in there and get the food. 

Negative Elements: It talks about how the pilot dies and how the fish eat him.

Positive Elements: I loved how much action there was in it. 

Conclusion: This was a great action story! I really loved it! Find out what happens to Brian. 

By Summer Staples, 10