Thursday, December 29, 2016

Intended for Evil

Intended for Evil: A Survivor's story of love, faith and courage in the Cambodian killing fields *****
by Les Sillars

This is a powerful story of God's mercy played out in the midst of horrific circumstances. Radha Manickam was a Christian in communist Cambodia in the 1970's. He is eventually forced to marry a woman he doesn't know. The communists want him married so that he'll have children that will become new communists. It turns out that this woman is a Christian, too! They end up loving each other and having a great marriage. Radha's undaunting spirit is so amazing in the middle of the unbelievable violence that surrounds him.

This is a very hard book to read. First, it is very violent. The atrocities of Cambodia during this time are beyond belief. Second, the book is very detailed and full of names of different people and regimes. Since the names are all foreign, they are easily confused. You have to keep looking back in the book trying to remember who is good and who is bad. And then why are they good or bad. 

I can't read these kinds of books, but my husband enjoys these stories of amazing courage and survival. I am summerizing his opinions of the book.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.