Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Fancy Nancy Seeks a Fortune

Fancy Nancy Seeks a Fortune     *****
by Jane O'Connor

Overview:  This is a book about Fancy Nancy trying to find out a way to be a millionaire. She and her friend Bree are selling all sorts of stuff trying to get people to buy it. Her and Bree love watching a show at Mrs. DeVine's house where people bring in items to see how much they're worth. One day, Mrs. DeVine finds out one is coming to town! Nancy and Bree are delighted. One evening, Mrs. DeVine takes Nancy and Bree there. They all had an armload of stuff. Nancy's stuff is worth nothing, except a necklace, that she's wearing from Mrs. DeVine. Nancy wouldn't trade it out for even $200 dollars. And Bree had $250 dollars worth of stuff, but it belonged to her mother, and she knew her mother would never get rid of it. Mrs. DeVines stuff was worth nothing at all so the girls rode back home with Mrs DeVine. And then one night the Clancy's had a dessert outside with Bree's family, and Nancy remembered the song from guitar lessons. About how everything is free, how the stars are free and so on. So Nancy played it.

Negative Elements: None.

Positive Elements: It's a very sweet story about how being normal on the wealthy list is the very best.

Conclusion: This was a sweet book. I think a nine or ten year old should read it. Enjoy!