Sunday, January 29, 2017

Men Who Love Fierce Women

Men Who Love Fierce Women *****
by Leroy and Kimberly Wagner

This is a book written for men on how to love and lead their wives, especially wives who tend to try to take over. Leroy Wagner shares very openly about the struggles in their marriage. He and his wife were both Christians serving in the church. They were committed to their marriage, but they were both very unhappy and felt doomed to a life of misery and fighting. He shares about how God moved in both of their lives and convicted them both of sin. Leroy showed how they were able to build new healthy patterns and learn to love and serve each other in meaningful ways.

A few years back, Kim wrote Fierce Women for women. I haven't read that book, but in this book I really liked being able to hear them both share and see things from a male and female perspective. The book also has a lot of scripture in it and is so full of hope!

My husband and I found this book really helpful. It opened our eyes to some unhealthy patterns in our marriage and offered us hope as we seek to understand God's design for our marriage...a marriage where we respect, honor, and lift each other up. We both highly recommend this book.