Thursday, January 12, 2017

The People of Sparks the second book of Ember

The People of Sparks *****
by Jeanne DuPrau 

Overview: This was a great book with lots of action. I really like action books, so this was a great one. Doon and Lina lead their people into the town of Sparks. The people of Sparks are kind at first to them, but then the people of Sparks get scared because they think that they're going to run out of food. The people of Ember have to work in order to get fed. The people of Sparks have lots of arguments with the people of Ember. At the end, they have a big war. Find out what happens!

Positive Elements: There is a lot of working together.

Negative Elements: There is war and someone writes awful words about the people of Ember on their hotel.

Conclusion: This was a great book! If you like action, you'll like this book. I gave this book four stars because it took a little while for the action to get started, but besides that it was great!

By Summer Staples, 10