Thursday, February 23, 2017


Matilda *****
by Roald Dahl

Overview: I thought this was a great book about a super smart girl who is only five years old. She reads grown up books in the library and is super smart. Her dad runs a car business and is a cheater at it. He is super mean to his daughter Matilda and nice to his older son Mike. Matilda goes to a really bad school, and the boss is awful to the children. Matilda struggles through life and also helps her teacher get her home back. Since the boss, Mrs. Trunchbull won't let her skip grades and move up, her brain power has no where to go, so while she's in her class she can make things move with her eyes. In the end, they get rid of Mrs. Trunchbull and get the teacher her house back. And Matilda's parents and brother are running away from the police, so they go to Spain, and let Matilda stay with her teacher.

Negative Elements: Bad name calling.  

Positive Elements: Matilda is smart and kind. The story has some sweet and funny parts, too.

Conclusion: I thought this was a great book, except I thought the ending was a little sad. I gave it five stars. I think you should read this book; I really enjoyed it.

By Summer Staples