Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Joy the Summer Vacation Fairy

Joy the Summer Vacation Fairy *****
by Daisy Meadows 
Overview: Kristy and Rakil help fairies get their magic items back. This time they’re helping Joy get back three magic shells. The bad guy is Jack Frost and his goblins. They are the ones who steal the fairies’ magic things, but they all have a good ending. The goblins can be funny some times, and they`re not scary.

The books are part of a series, and they all have a map at the front and a poem.   

Positive elements: It had funny parts.

Negative elements: None

Conclusion: I like these books because they`re a fun read for girls. Joy is a special edition so it is like three of the magic fairies books in one, one for each shell there fun easy adventures. I think that kids 7 and up should read this book. 

By Sabrina Staples, 8