Monday, May 8, 2017

Bible Sleuth: New Testament

Bible Sleuth: New Testament *****
by Jose Perez Montero

Overview: This is a fun look and find book with illustrated stories out of the New Testament.

Positive elements: We have an older version of this book where you had to be able to read to know what you were supposed to "hunt" for. It was always frustrating for my younger kids that they couldn't look at the book on their own.  This new version has pictures of what you have to find. So, that's great.

Negative elements: I mentioned that the book has pictures now of what to find, but there are only a few things to look for on each page. I wish there was more for the kids to hunt for and the objects and people they are looking for are difficult for my young daughter to find.

Conclusion: My four-year-old looks at look and find books every day. This is a fun book, but it just isn't one of her favorites.