Sunday, May 21, 2017

Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption

Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption *****
by Bryan Stevenson

Overview: Bryan Stevenson is a young lawyer working on behalf of forgotten death row inmates. He writes this book about his pursuit for justice for those who have no voice.

Positive elements: well-written, full of information

Negative elements: The book almost had too many details. I had a hard time getting into the story because there were so many stories intertwined. And honestly, all the laws and legal proceedings became tedious. I skimmed the last half of the book.

conclusion: This was a shocking book to read with all the conspiracy that happened in the criminal justice system. And it was a powerful reminder that one young man can save so many lives because he is willing to fight on the behalf of others.

I would love for everyone to read this book, but I think only the serious reader will make it through and enjoy it.