Sunday, January 24, 2016

Flora and Uylsses

Flora & Ulysses *****
by Kate DiCamillo

Overview: Flora and Ulysses is a great story about a girl named Flora who saves a squirrel. Flora's mother is a typewriter; she writes love stories. Flora's mom also has a lamp, Maryann, who is a big part of the story.
Flora believes the squirrel, Ulysses, is a superhero. Ulysses writes poems about things. 
After all the trouble Ulysses gets into, Flora's mother wants to kill it! Flora's mother gives her husband the job to kill it. The dad doesn't want to kill it either, so he takes Flora into the car, and doesn't kill the squirrel. Then Flora's neighbor, Aunt Tootie, has a niece William Spiver. William Spiver thinks he's blind and wears black glasses. You'll see if William Spiver is really blind.

Positive Elements: Friendship, team work, and love

Negative Elements: Smoking

In Conclusion, Flora and Ulysses is a great book for ages seven to thirteen. 

Written By: Summer Staples, 9.