Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Finding Freedom

Finding Freedom  *****
By American Girl

Overview: Addy Walker, an American girl, is a slave. This book takes place during the time when people were fighting for black people's rights of freedom. 

Addy, her two other siblings, and parents are trying to find a way to escape. They are planning to go to Pennsylvania. But before they leave, Addy Walker's Poppa and brother Sam are sold! Now Addy Walker and her momma are stuck on the plantation with Esther. One night, they decide to leave Esther with her Aunt and Uncle. That night they go run out into the woods to the old lady with the red shutters. She hides slaves. Addy almost got caught by some soldiers. The soldiers ignored her because she was dressed up as a boy. Then when her and momma got to the house, the lady didn't let them in because she thought Addy was an annoying solider boy. 

Addy goes to Pennsylvania and meets a girl named Sarah. Sarah helps her in school on  the first day. The church helps her momma find a job with Mrs. Ford a seamstress. The next day the kids get their permanent desk partners. Addy gets a mean girl named Harriet. She was named after Harriet Tubman she says. Addy teaches her mom to read when she gets home from school. She uses scraps of dough to teach her words. She had been practicing for a spelling match. Harriet was super mean and kept saying," I going to win." 

Read the book to find out what happens with Addy and her family!

Positive Elements:  She loves her family.

Negative Elements: Slaves get sold.  

Theme: friendship, working together, and love

Conclusion: I think this was a great book! I think you should read it! There are more series after this book I'm going to read! I think it would be good for ages 9 and up because there are some hard words. I have the American Girl Doll, Addy Walker so that's what got me interested in this book.