Saturday, July 2, 2016

Carrie the Snow Cap Fairy

Carrie the Snow Cap Fairy *****
By Daisy Meadows

Overview: This was a another great Rainbow Magic book! Carrie is a Earth fairy. Carrie needs the help of her two great friends to help get her wand back from the goblins! The goblins took her wand because they want to give it to Jack Frost, the goblin's master. Jack Frost wants to use the wand so he can have Carrie's power. Find out how Kristy, Rachel, and Carrie get back the magic wand and get it to Fairyland where the wand is safe.

Positive Elements:  friendship, working together

Negative Elements: There is magic. Carrie uses magic to turn the girls into fairies while they're on their adventure.

Overview: This was a great book for ages 8-7+, I think. Because my sister, Sabrina, who is 8, really enjoys them! You can check out many other Rainbow Magic fairy books! 

By Summer Staples, 10