Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Ninth Nugget *****
By Ron Roy
Overview: The Ninth Nugget is about three kids who visit to the Wheat family's ranch in Montana. One of their friends paid for them to fly from their home in Connecticut to the ranch. Dink and his friends Josh and Ruth Rose have to find out a very sneaky mystery. Josh found the biggest piece of gold when they went gold panning. And a whole bunch of other people where there panning, too. The other people who were visiting at the ranch must have stolen his gold nugget. Who might have done it? There are lots of clues that will help you find out. Maybe Thumbs, Ed, Lulu... But we do know it wasn't the kids, or Pa, Ma, or Jud who own the farm.

Negative Elements: Stealing

Positive Elements: Super clean talk, fun mystery, and adventure!

In conclusion, I think this was a great story, and you should read it!

By Summer Staples, 10