Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Fancy Nancy Soccer Mania

Fancy Nancy Soccer Mania      *****
by Jane O'Connor

Overview: I thought this was a great book! I've always loved Fancy Nancy. This is a book about Fancy Nancy learning soccer. She starts out really bad, but as she practices more she gets way better. She practices with her best friend Bree. Her dad is the coach of their team, Green Goblins. They are practicing all through the book for their big game. Finally the big game comes, they are all exited and nervous. What will happen next and throughout the book? Read and find out!

Negative Elements: None.

Positive Elements: This is a book about learning how to work together. 

Conclusion: I thought this was a great book, that's why I gave it four stars. I think you should read it!

By: Summer Staples, 10